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271 Rocio Perez: UNSTOPPABLE - 7 steps to becoming a more intentional leader

June 17, 2022

I am a Leadership and Life Coach and the Founder of my own business, Inventiva. I have delivered thousands of leadership keynotes, trainings, webinars, workshops and presentations throughout the world. I wrote the best selling book “UNSTOPPABLE: 7 Steps To Becoming A More Intentional Leader” which and in order to reach even more people I distilled my lifetime of experiences into The MindShift Game and The MindShift Game Service Suite. 

As a child I lived a life of poverty and abuse. I dropped out of school at age 12, became pregnant and had a beautiful baby boy at age 15. To build a good life for my son, I decided to get a college degree. At age 16, I started at a local community college and then went on to earn an A.A., A.S., then a B.B.A., and M.B.A.! I did all of this while raising my child on my own, dealing with injuries from a major car accident, brain cancer and other crises. I truly believe that it is the power of MindShifting which I stumbled upon in my youth, and then refined as an adult that has led me to overcome these challenges.                       

3 top tips for my audience:

  1. Believe in yourself.
  2. Do what makes your heart sing. 
  3. Lead you. 

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