Steps To Sobriety

298 Kristen Donnelly: Radical Hospitality Will Save the World

Dr. Kristen Donnelly (MSW, M.Div, Ph.D.) is an empathy educator, speaker, and researcher with two decades of experience helping people understand the beauty in difference and the power of inclusivity. She is one of The Good Doctors of Abbey Research, COO of their parent company, and an unapologetic nerd for stories of change. Dr. Donnelly lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband, where they are surrounded by piles of books and several video game consoles.

297 Carolina Gutierrez: Is entrepreneurship killing our mental health?

Carolina Gutierrez is a serial entrepreneur who prioritizes & advocates for mental wellness in business. She speaks on and delivers solutions that contribute to the peace & well-being of entrepreneurs. 
72% of entrepreneurs suffer directly or indirectly from mental health challenges. They have a 3-4X higher likely hood of suicide then the general population. 62% report feeling depressed at least once a week. 
Why isn’t this spoken about? Where are the warnings when we start? Help is available for all other aspects of business except to address the emotional & social toll it has on our lives. This needs to change today.
Carolina is a serial entrepreneur who runs 3 businesses and started her first when she was 12 years old. As a mental wellness advocate for business owners, she was diagnosed ADHD in her 30’s has since used her past difficulties to fuel her current business endeavors around the purpose of prioritizing mental wellness in business. Having turned her struggle into a passion she is on a mission to highlight the realities of entrepreneurship on our mental health; by helping dispel stigmas surrounding neurodiversity and empowering business owners to embrace their difference, find their superpower.  
3 top tips for my audience:
1. Know yourself and your tells
2. You cannot do it all or better, ask for help
3. The power of peer support should not be underestimated.


296 Brenden Kumarasamy: How to Become a Top 1% Communicator In Your Industry

Brenden is the founder of MasterTalk, he coaches ambitious executives & entrepreneurs to become top 1% communicators in their industry. He also has a popular YouTube channel called MasterTalk, with the goal of providing free access to communication tools for everyone in the world.
3 top tips for my audience:
1. Random Word Exercise; 1 random word to practice full presentations.
2. Question Drills
3. Sending Video Messages

295 Adam Gunton: Sharing Your Story - The Ultimate Relapse Prevention

Adam Vibe Gunton has gone from a homeless iv drug addict to a bestselling author, entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, and founder of Recovered on Purpose. After helping 1,000’s of addicts and addicts in recovery, he believes he has found the ticket to permanent recovery; adding purpose to your life through sharing your story.
Adam Vibe Gunton will be sharing his three step formula to mapping your story into a powerful message. With these simple steps, you will be able to take your story to any stage and be focused on adding value to the world and helping addicts… not fighting cravings.
3 top tips for my audience:
1. Three step formula
2. Share your story publicly
3. Adding purpose to your life makes your recovery stick
Free digital and audio book:


294 David Hollenbach: Fireproof - Transforming Failure into Fuel for Your Future

In FIREPROOF: Your Grand Strategy for Transforming Failure into Fuel for Your Future, Mr Hollenbach takes the idea behind Yale University’s Grand Strategy Program designed for political leaders and heads of large corporations and applies those principles to the individual. His book answers the question: How can I create a Grand Strategy for my life? He then leads the reader through steps to develop their unique Grand Strategy to create a life that helps others and leaves a stellar legacy.
No matter the disaster's severity, your intrinsic value is not attached to an occupation or your outward identity. Your value is in who you are. Take what you have learned and set your path toward where you want to go by implementing the steps in Fireproof.
In a readable style sprinkled with personal stories and captivating case studies, the author delivers material that is both inspirational and actionable. At the end of each chapter are action steps to help the reader answer the questions:
• What Is Your Desired End State?
• What Do You Stand For?
• Why Are You Doing This?
• What’s In Your Way?
• What Do You Need?
• Where Do You Begin?
• What’s Your Timeline?
• What Happens When Everything Falls Apart?
While most people ask, “What should I do to reach my goal?” the Grand Strategy process begins with a much better question: “Who do I need to be?” Your core essence determines what kind of leader you are. When you know what’s inside you—flaws and all—you can use tools to release your limitations and let go of self-defeating behaviours. You can, in real and practical ways, define yourself.
Personal development topics create a thread throughout the entire work: self-leadership, self-awareness, communication, healthy relationships and self-care, as well as uncovering your core values and finding your big WHY. The author provides an analysis tool for challenging situations to help the reader discern which parts they can control, what they can influence and which things they can neither control nor influence. He also provides tools for releasing stress and working through feelings of overwhelm. He lists critical daily habits and mindset matters that are essential for success.
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293 Kimberly Bell: Talking about Taboos - Domestic Violence, Teen Pregnancy, Abuse, Trauma and PTSD

Kimberly Anne Bell is a passionate speaker and author who uses her personal life struggles as a fountain of inspiration, empowerment and insight into the realities that are often hidden beneath the surface of our society. Through her talks she covers topics like domestic violence, kinship/foster care, teen pregnancy, abuse, trauma and PTSD from her own experience. She has a deep understanding of family dynamics and how this shapes the mind. She uses her words to empower others to never give up hope and begin a process of self-discovery and healing

Kimberly Bell is an inspirational speaker, minister, mentor, and author of "The Epitome of Kimmy: Accept & Embrace It All". She is originally from Salisbury, Maryland, and now holds two degrees; one in human growth & development/psychology and the other in theology. She has served on the ministerial staff at St. James A.M.E. Zion Church and completed four years of conference studies. Through her book and talks, she shares her life story and personal experiences to inspire others to never give up hope while raising awareness to societal issues.

3 top tips for my audience:
1. Accept & Embrace that which is beyond your control because you still have a long road ahead and life is full of seasons.  
2. You have to first be able to accept yourself and love yourself to be able to grow..
3. You are not responsible for anyone else’s behavior but what you are responsible for… is how you react, how you behave and the things that you do.

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292 Kelly Wallace: Surviving Child Sexual Abuse and testifying against my perpetrator at eight

After watching a child sexual abuse awareness video in her second grade classroom, Kelly Wallace told her mom that she was being molested on weekend visits at her grandparents house. In the middle of a contentious divorce, Kelly’s mom believed her but her father, an up and coming attorney sided with his dad.Kelly Wallace testified against her grandpa at eight years old. With a less than 2.8% conviction rate of sexual assault cases, her grandpa was found not guilty. She is a recovering alcoholic with twenty-one years of sobriety.
Kelly Wallace developed a writing style that both roots in the moment and peels back the layers of human nature at the Pinewood Table writers group led by award-winning authors Stevan Allred and Joanna Rose. Kelly’s writing honors include publications in The Manifest-Station, On Loan From the Cosmos, VoiceCatcher and Perceptions magazines, fellowships at the Summer Fishtrap Gathering and the Attic Institute, and residencies at Hypatia-in-the-Woods. A graduate of Wells College in Aurora, New York, she is a frequent podcast guest speaking about her experience as a child sexual abuse survivor.      
3 top tips for my audience:
1. Never, ever give up!
2. Rejection is protection
3. Don’t quit five minutes before the miracle

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Twitter: kellythewriter1
Insta: kellythewriter

291 Pam Warren: Paddington Train Crash, The Lady in the Mask and Taking the E’zy Path to Change

Our guest today, Pam Warren, is one of Uk’s most prominent change and disruption experts whose highly acclaimed international speaking career was, quite literally, forged from fire.
We’ll be hearing from an incredibly inspiring woman who spearheaded a national campaign to dramatically improve UK’s rail system and has won numerous national awards including Woman of the Year. Her popular autobiography chronicles the turbulent recovery period she endured after the Paddington Train Crash and shows how she transitioned from the ‘Lady in the Mask’ victim to an indomitable survivor and resilient victor.
Now a professional speaker, Pam shares her story of survival, her battles with authorities to champion rail safety and her own physical and mental trauma following the crash.
Pam is a successful survivor. She wants her experiences on overcoming such huge obstacles to show others, that with resilience and perseverance, no problem should be insurmountable.
Her mantra: “Whatever life throws at you there is change and from change comes opportunity.”
3 top tips for my audience:
1. Fall in love with change to such an extent that you welcome, seek, and actively promote it without fear. 
2. ·Why perseverance trumps resilience - however blended together they make you unstoppable.  
3. It’s not important how the world looks at us, it IS important how we look at the world.

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290 Elisabeth Lava: Mental Health & Spiritual Growth are Intertwined - Healing through that Paradigm

Elisabeth Lava is the author of “Stillness and Wilderness: A Bold Ride from Despair to Deep Wisdom and Love”.
“The Healer of Healers”, Elisabeth is a thought leader on the intertwining of mental health and spiritual growth. She became an expert during her regional leadership of a large federal mental health grant and simultaneously experiencing deep depression from loss and trauma that sparked a spiritual emergency. She then studied with experts on the psychology of awakening, and spiritual emergence/emergency.
She is a former deadly disease investigator, community health leader, and veterinarian, who helped prepare for and respond to the pandemic. Elisabeth was pushed into a rapid transformation that led her to powerful healers, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, Ayurveda and spiritual practices of deep wisdom.
Now Elisabeth bridges the world as a transformational health, life, and spiritual emergence coach®. Healthcare providers, veterinarians, and conscious leaders hire her to support them to return to wholeness through deep selfcare or transition to a different career to find inner joy and peace.

300 Gloria Masters: Flight path to Healing after Childhood Sexual Abuse

Gloria is an author, advocate and speaker for all things child sexual abuse (CSA). She does this through speaking, interviews, and writing to help other survivors. She is currently publishing her second book, Flightpath to Healing, which is a guide for survivors. She hosts the podcast called Handing the Shame Back, also a YouTube channel. This provides a safe space for other survivors to share their stories, and find resources. Her Guide for Survivors  includes excerpts, teachings and exercises you can try, to start rebuilding your way back to yourself. Beginning with where you are on your journey, it gently leads you to a more peaceful place of healing.

Rediscover the true you and learn to become whole again. Written through the eyes of a CSA Survivor, Gloria fully understands the complex and often confusing things Survivors experience. She is able to provide insight, and a way forward through her own experiences. Her wish for all CSA survivors is to know, they are seen, supported and believed.

Her memoir ‘On Angels Wings’ – My Flight from Trauma to Grace, details sixteen years of unparalleled CSA and trauma. Flightpath to Healing is her second book and can be purchased through GloriaMasters.Com                                                                       She is the founder of Handing the Shame Back foundation, a charity dedicated to CSA Survivors. She is the host of the YouTube and podcast channel of the same name, designed exclusively for survivors. She loves her life, is free to enjoy every moment and, yes, still follows her Angels wherever they go.        

3 top tips for my audience:
1. There is always hope
2. The Shame never belonged to you
3. You are not alone, I stand beside you

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