Steps To Sobriety

273 Pamela Bonasera: I survived a 19-year Narcissistic Marriage and Alcoholism

In Pamela's words: I am the youngest of 5 daughters born into a middle-class family in Western, Pennsylvania.  Our parents divorced when I was 17 and I was left to “raise” my mother for a few years as she struggled with depression, anger and drinking after their divorce.
Recovery from an emotionless narcissistic husband and recovering from alcohol abuse, to hide the marriage issues, were the best two things I have done for myself.  Realizing that my marriage was only going to get worse, I decided I needed to save myself and my children.  He was verbally punishing me on a daily basis, just as my father abused my mother and the children.  Yes, I married my father.  As sick as that sounds, my father was the first man I got to know in my life, and of course, I would look for someone with his qualities because that was all I knew.  My father, and my ex-husband, have some really great qualities, like work ethic, how they appear to others, and having nice things.  What you don’t see is the devil behind the mask.  They were both verbally abusive to me.  My ex was even physically abusive to me on more than one occasion and then he told me “I deserved it,” and I 100% believed him.  I never had high self-esteem before he came into my life, and the little bit I had left, he totally sucked from me.  I walked on eggshells for 19 years, and then I got strong.  When he cheated on me and told me it was my fault, I was done, out, getting divorced one way or another.  That was the beginning of my new life.  I then got sober, helped our oldest son get into recovery for drug addiction, returned to college and received a BS in Management, changed jobs, bought my house, finished raising our two children that were in grade school when we divorced, and here I am today.  I am ALIVE and loving my life.
3 top tips for my audience:
1. If it feels wrong, it is.
2. Trust your gut instinct
3. Never let anyone tell you “you aren’t worthy” because sisters/brothers, YOU ARE!

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272 Fred Rutman: When you can’t understand the battles you need to fight

Fred Rutmanwas a college professor (Marketing/Finance) when in the summer of 2009, his life came crashing down. Numerous hospitalizations lead to numerous misdiagnoses, medical cognitive bias and much damage. After three months, they recognized my condition - my heart kept stopping. The standard fix for this is a pacemaker. To cure everything else, I was left to my own devices. Then in 2013 and 2018, this happened again - a one in a billion series of events. He is now writing my memoir “The Summer I Died Twenty Times,” doing the podcast circuit, & hoping to inspire others.This is a story of overcoming adversity and resilience. A story of overcoming a series of improbable medical traumas, including botched surgeries and medical device failures. Oh, and being clinically dead a few dozen times. And PTSD, Post Concussion Syndrome and perpetual anxiety. With no roadmap to recovery, I found my way back to health via the miraculous healing powers of intermittent fasting, which I share with anyone who is interested.
3 top tips for my audience:
1. Comparison is the thief of joy    
2. With hope, you can survive anything
3. There is an unlimited supply of joy and hope

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271 Rocio Perez: UNSTOPPABLE - 7 steps to becoming a more intentional leader

I am a Leadership and Life Coach and the Founder of my own business, Inventiva. I have delivered thousands of leadership keynotes, trainings, webinars, workshops and presentations throughout the world. I wrote the best selling book “UNSTOPPABLE: 7 Steps To Becoming A More Intentional Leader” which and in order to reach even more people I distilled my lifetime of experiences into The MindShift Game and The MindShift Game Service Suite. 

As a child I lived a life of poverty and abuse. I dropped out of school at age 12, became pregnant and had a beautiful baby boy at age 15. To build a good life for my son, I decided to get a college degree. At age 16, I started at a local community college and then went on to earn an A.A., A.S., then a B.B.A., and M.B.A.! I did all of this while raising my child on my own, dealing with injuries from a major car accident, brain cancer and other crises. I truly believe that it is the power of MindShifting which I stumbled upon in my youth, and then refined as an adult that has led me to overcome these challenges.                       

3 top tips for my audience:

  1. Believe in yourself.
  2. Do what makes your heart sing. 
  3. Lead you. 

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Rocío Pérez, Founder & CEO

Inventiva Consulting | 303-587-8367

44 Cook St. Ste. 100 | Denver, CO 80206









270 Michael Harris: Walking through the Pain: From Near Death to a Rocking Life

Michael’s journey through life and sobriety has been nothing short of spectacular. 
At 12 years old he survived having 60% of his liver removed - then dived into alcohol and drugs.  By 27 he nearly lost his legs from vascular disease. 
Sober since 30 (he’s now 63) Michael’s spirit has thrived.  He’s dived into photography, yoga, real estate, option trading, and business coaching.  As an entrepreneur, he’s generated well over $40 million. In addition, Michael has literally trained 1,000’s to get their message to the world. 
Today you will hear how he got sober, threw away his cane – and now explores the mountains near his home in central Oregon.  

Michael is a #1 bestselling author, coach, teacher, trainer, entrepreneur and co-founder of Endless Stages - an organization dedicated to helping anyone get their voice, message and story out to the world. 
Author of the #1 bestselling book, “Falling Down Getting UP”, foreword by the father of Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson.  Jay called Michael’s ability to survive through thick and thin a true example of an entrepreneur using guerrilla type tactics to overcome virtually anything. 
For years he struggled with chronic health issues, addictions and low self-esteem.  Then one day he had had enough and became willing to make a change. It wasn’t easy. Michael had to stop dreaming about what he wanted - and begin to take massive action by applying the Law of GOYA. 
3 top tips for my audience:
1. Sobriety Rocks
2. Tell your story, it could save someone's life
3. Choose Happiness

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269 Spencer Zimmermann: Forgotten Cause of Alcoholism, Past Concussions Change Your Life

Do you find yourself trying to escape from the way you feel and turn to alcohol? Nearly 50% of individuals who suffer a concussion will have symptoms that persist for over a year. Mental health diagnoses are widespread following a concussion. What if there was a way to identify an old concussion even in your youth? We are going to help you identify an approach to get out of the trap you are in. You no longer feel the need to turn to alcohol because you love the way you feel.

How to get your brain and mind back on track? Dr. Spencer Zimmerman NP-C, DC, DABCN helps individuals who struggle with depression, anxiety, ptsd, concentration, and brain fog through a “whole body” approach. He’s refined his unique method over the past 9 years and has worked with over 1,000 patients. He’s a contributing author and featured on podcasts talking about the role of the brain in our health.Our brain defines who we are and what we can become in life; unfortunately it is one of the least evaluated parts of our health despite playing a role in everything.     

3 top tips for my audience:

  1. Any head injury no matter how long ago, is a big deal
  2. Don’t push past through your symptoms
  3. Obtain the life you want, so you don’t feel the need to hide.

268 Aimee Duff: Functional Medicine - From Sick and Tired to Optimal Health and Wellness

I love telling stories about how people go from sick and tired to optimal health and wellness under my guidance and care.  As a speaker and storyteller, I have been mentored by Pulitzer Prize-nominated author Clint Arthur. 
Topics that I am exceptionally passionate about include hormone health and hormone replacement for menopause, testosterone for men, integrative medicine, functional medicine, weight loss, auto-immune disorders, gastrointestinal issues, chronic fatigue, insomnia or sleep disorders, depression and anxiety.  In addition, I love talking about empowering women through the challenges of motherhood.

267 Zoe Thompson: Like a Phoenix from the Flames: Survive to Thrive

Can adversity create a stronger and more powerful version of you?  
Zoe is not just proof that it can, she now uses her personal and professional experiences and training to coach and guide those who are ready to rise, and thrive.
Zoe has come through an unhealthy relationship to overcome mental, physical and emotional health challenges and used everything that she learned during the toughest times to her advantage.  
You cannot go back to who you were before, you can rise to be a stronger and more powerful version of you. 

Brief Bio.
Zoe started her career with the Police Service. After 20years, several departments and working her way up the ladder to a senior leadership role she faced redundancy.  Taking all the ‘best bits’ from her work and life experiences, ‘Phoenix’ was created and Zoe has been coaching to support individuals and businesses with lifestyle, wellbeing and leadership ever since. 
In life, Zoe has been on a continuous journey of self development and growth, a mum, a basketball fan and at one stage competed at an international level in the sport of ‘Strongwoman’
Zoe uses NLP, CBT, Positive Psychology and many other ’tools in the toolbox’ to help people get from where they are to where they want to be, whatever that is for them. 
3 top tips for my audience:

266 Juan Ayala: The Art of Resilience - Persevering in a Doubt- and Rejection-Filled Industry

Juan Ayala is an actor, journalist and podcaster from Connecticut, now living in New York City, actively pursuing his acting career for the last five years. Throughout his life, he has overcome several major obstacles, including dealing with depression and anxiety, a very difficult coming out journey as a queer man in his twenties, weighing over 225 lbs when he was in college, and having ideation of suicide when he was just thirteen years old. He has thankfully persevered and successfully navigated these obstacles and hopes to share his journey and story with as many people as he can.
As an actor, he has worked in multiple network television series, including NBC’s Blindspot and ABC’s For Life, as well as dozens of theatrical productions across his home state of Connecticut. When not on set or on stage, he works as a journalist and podcast producer for a number of outlets, including MediaVillage and Latin Media Group. His longest-running podcast “Actors With Issues” is soon to hit 100 episodes and features mini career deep-dives and enlightening discussions with his guests who work across film, television and Broadway. He resides in Brooklyn, NY with his partner Erick. 
3 top tips for my audience:
1. Find your village. Every actor needs a support system, not just to get you through the tough times, but to also celebrate the wins, tiny or huge, that come your way.
2. Find a passion beyond your career. It’s not healthy for anyone to only ever focus on their job and career and not have any other prospects. 
3. No one is better at being you than you. Sometimes we can’t help but compare ourselves to the people around us who may be doing better than we are, 

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Juan can be found on Instagram @JuanAyalaOfficial , on Twitter @iJuanAyala and you can watch full episodes of his podcast online at

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265 Andrew Mondia: Surviving wanting to die

Multi-talented Andrew Mondia is an international actor, writer and speaker who has inspired 100's of people from different walks of life around the world to live a passionate life sharing his story of overcoming challenges from childhood trauma of bullying and abuse to attempting suicide. He has worked with award-winning actors/directors and been featured in The Washington Post, Uk’s The Guardian, National Post and on BBC Radio 1. Andrew Mondia is also a featured author expert in two #1 International Best-Selling Books “My Journey My Journal” and “How Big Can You Dream.”                        
In Andrew's words:
"Who am I?  The question Andrew Mondia asked himself growing up and into adulthood.   And still to this day.   Looking at trauma in a different light to understand and grow.   Inspiring others with stories and bringing a light into the world on a journey into an unknown future." 

3 top tips for my audience:
1. Hope
2. Laughter
3. Moving forward

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264 Nicole Shir: Knowing how your personality communicates can be vital to successful outcomes

Nicole saw through her education and life experiences that things were not connected. She saw that people were taught their personality but not taught other people’s personality and how to communicate in personality. She also saw that people were hurt and wounded in their personality. This affects belonging, something we all need.  In this she developed the Needs Languages, a system to identify and categorize personality types. It is fast and intuitive, helping you feel connected and providing a sense of belonging to all your relationships. So sit back and get ready to learn how to discover belonging. 
Nicole did her bachelor's degree with business and conflict resolution. She did her masters in industrial organizational psychology. Nicole is the author of The Needs Language series. She has written 3 booklets one for people dating, parents & romantic partnerships. She has The Needs Languages workplace booklet coming out this April. She is a big component of DEI, especially for people with disabilities. Nicole is doing a TEDx talk this April. If you want to learn how your personality communicates, check out one of her booklets.    
3 top tips for my audience:
1. You are a puzzle piece in this world, unique but you fit to make a beautiful picture. It is vital to learn to be both. 
2. Learn the difference between silence & silent. Don’t silence yourself or others. Give yourself a voice & others. Learn when it is wise to be quiet or silent. 
3. Focus on what you like about yourself. That is where growth can come in. Look in the mirror and say I like this about me. 

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